New to Blue Wolf Photography and not sure where to start? We’ll walk you through the basics so you know what to expect along the way.


No, It’s all taken care of! We will photograph all the children at the centre (unless asked not to). You will receive an access code to view the photos within 4 weeks of the shoot date.

No problems! Just contact us with your childs name, school & class. We can provide you with a new code!

Don’t make a big fuss, kids are naturally happy and inquisitive and will perform better relaxed, it’s just another fun day at child-care/kindergarten.

Natural smiles are best, try not to coach your children or give them catch phrases i.e. “cheese”.

The Photos will generally be taken during the morning; our photographers will be there and started by 8:30am

To guarantee photos are taken, please arrive prior to 10:30am

Your child can wear anything you wish but will be more relaxed in their everyday ‘kinder’ clothing.

If you have special clothing, please make sure the children are wearing it prior to leaving them at the service.

We cannot change a child’s clothing or reshoot at a later time if special clothing was overlooked.

Yes, we will try to take sibling photos of all the brothers and sisters in the centre. Generally, we take 2 sibling photos per family.

If you have any other requests i.e. cousins, friends photos, please let us know and we will make sure we get them *Note, in the case of friends we need permission from both the children’s parents to proceed.

You can bring your child in on the booked day by 10am to have their photos taken.

We will also endeavour to catch children on their booked days during our visit. You may also call us directly for other arrangements.

Our aim is for 8-10 awesome natural play images, plus a compilation and/or traditional group photo. Sometimes we do get carried away so there may even be more!
Of course! Simply use the code provided to log back in & view your photos.
We offer free centre delivery for 10 days & then the photos are available online indefinitely!


You will be invited to register when the photos are ready, either by email or through the School. You will have the opportunity to view the photos first before purchasing!

No problems! Just contact us with your childs name, school & class. We can provide you with a new code!

We will take 3-4 Poses for you to choose from. Our preference is natural, outdoor portraits.
Yes, we will endeavour to photograph all siblings on the day! If you have any special requests for friend photos etc, we will need consent from both families.

The sibling photos will be available alongside one of your children’s other photos.

Yes, we photograph all children on the day (unless advised not to), and keep all our image files indefinitely. Please order via the website using your provided code.

Turnaround time from the shoot date varies, but will be around 4 weeks.

Yes, in most instances we can arrange a catchup shoot at the school. We can also make private arrangements if necessary, please contact the office to organise.